October 27, 2016

William F. Lazarus – Livestock Economics


Material on Robotic Milking Systems

AIR_QUALITY_ECON.xlsm Tool to assist the operator of a livestock or poultry operation to calculate the costs and benefits of installing technologies to treat odors and chemicals that could be emitted from the facility. A four-part video explains how to use the tool: Part 1 – Introduction , Part 2 – Biofilters and Covers sheets , Part 3 – Scrubbers, Manure Belts, Buffers, and Digesters , Part 4 – Benefits and Summary , video script . Supported by the National Institute of Food and Agriculture, U.S. Department of Agriculture, under Agreement No. 2010-85112-20520. (Requires MS Excel 2007 or later.)

Animal Waste/Manure Economics with Bob Koehler, Extension Educator at the Southwestern Minnesota Research and Outreach Center (This link takes you to the MANURWKST.XLS spreadsheet, news releases, PDFs of presented papers, Powerpoint slide sets, hand worksheets, and Excel spreadsheets).

SWINEBARNECONOMICS.xlsm MS Excel spreadsheet for comparing the value of improved pig growth performance versus the costs of including various technologies for maintaining more constant environmental conditions in a swine finishing barn, developed for the National Pork Board-funded project “Reducing the Environmental Footprint of Pig Finishing Barns” (AKA the “greener pig barn” project) completed December 2010. Works only with Excel 2007 or later. Click to download a related ASABE paper.