Spreadsheet Decision Tools

Crops & Machinery
MACHDATA.xlsm Machinery cost calculator and database that accompanies the extension publication Machinery Cost Estimates and contains the input data used. (contains macros and requires Excel 2007 or later. You will be asked to provide contact information.)
REPAIRCOST.XLS Machinery repair cost calculator. See also a Forage Focus article about the repair cost calculator. Download Paper (REPAIR_CHECK.pdf)
CROPBUD.xlsm Crop enterprise budget spreadsheet with projected 2017 costs and returns for corn grain, soybeans, wheat, corn silage, alfalfa hay, and energy crops
HAYCUTDATE.xls Spreadsheet for looking at how cutting date affects yield, quality and profitability of a hay crop. See also the accompanying article How Cutting Date Affects Yield, Quality and Profitability of a Hay Crop (pdf)
Livestock & Manure Handling
AIR_QUALITY_ECON.xlsm Tool to assist the operator of a livestock or poultry operation to calculate the costs and benefits of installing technologies to treat odors and chemicals that could be emitted from the facility. supported by the National Institute of Food and Agriculture, U.S. Department of Agriculture, under Agreement No. 2010-85112-20520. Click here for links to videos explaining the tool.
CUSTOM_DRAGHOSE.xlsm and CUSTOM_TANK.xlsm have example data, or enter your own data in CUSTOM_DRAGHOSE_BLANK.xlsm or CUSTOM_TANK_BLANK.xlsm CUSTOM_DRAGHOSE.XLSM is a spreadsheet for custom manure applicators to estimate the cost of applying liquid manure with a drag hose system. CUSTOM_TANK.XLSM is for a tank applicator system applying solid manure, or a box spreader system for solid manure. Space is provided to enter up to 8 tractors and power units and 20 implements and attachments such as applicators, pumps, and hose reels, and 6 trucks. Up to 120 individual jobs can be analyzed for cost differences related to distances, application rates, and equipment required. (Requires Excel 2007 or later). See also part 1 and part 2 of a short video explaining how to use the spreadsheets. The videos discuss the draghose version.
MANURWKST and related files Addresses questions related to the economic value of livestock manure and costs of hauling and applying it (with Bob Koehler, retired extension educator, U of MN Southwest Research and Outreach Center). This is a link to several spreadsheets with a news release, PDFs of presented papers, Powerpoint slide sets, and hand worksheets.