NBMP.xlsm and PBMP.xlsm spreadsheet downloads

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Click to download NBMP.xlsm spreadsheet (the main Watershed Nitrogen Reduction Planning Tool file)

Click to download FERTTIMING.XLSM spreadsheet (extra calculations related to the fertilizer application timing BMPs in NBMP)

Click to download PBMP spreadsheet (the Watershed Phosphorus Reduction Planning Tool file)

Click to download NP-BMP spreadsheet (combined N and P tool file)

Click to download the NBMP documentation (pdf)

Click to download the PBMP documentation (pdf)

Important note: In order to run the NBMP.xlsm or PBMP spreadsheets effectively, you will need to “enable macros” on your computer. If you were not prompted to “Enable Content” when you first open the spreadsheet, then you will need to change your “Macro Security” level to “Disable macros WITH notification”. Then, save the spreadsheet and open it again, and this time enable macros at the prompt.

NBMP also uses Excel’s Solver optimization module. To install Solver, first save and close the NBMP.xlsm spreadsheet. Then select File, Options, and Add-ins in Excel. If you don’t see “Solver Add-in” under Active Application Add-ins, make sure “Excel Add-ins” is showing in the “Manage:” box at the bottom, and click “Go…”. Then, check the box next to “Solver Add-in” in the list of Add-ins available. Finally, re-open the NBMP.xlsm spreadsheet.

A tutorial on installing Solver in Excel 2007 is at: http://grok.lsu.edu/article.aspx?articleid=562

Excel 2010 is the version we use with these spreadsheet. Excel 2007 will probably work, but no guarantees. Earlier versions of Excel than 2007 will definitely NOT work.