Crop Economics

Material on cover crop economics:

Economics summary from the Southeastern Minnesota cover crop initiative project, April 2018

Spreadsheet and online decision tools:

USDA-NRCS cover crop economics tool (outside link)

Iowa State - Practical Farmers of Iowa spreadsheet and fact sheet (outside link)

Iowa State CARD online net returns calculator for cover crops terminated with herbicides (outside link)

Land Stewardship Project - cropping systems calculator (outside link)

My calculator, MNCoverEcon.xlsm

Documentation for MNCoverEcon.xlsm (pdf)

Other material:

CROPBUD.xlsm, Crop enterprise budget spreadsheet with projected costs and returns for for corn, soybeans, wheat, corn silage, and alfalfa hay), July 2018

CROPBUD_ROTATIONS.xlsm, Crop enterprise budget spreadsheet that is modified to show the impact of legume N credits on returns to corn grain and rotations, July 2018

Farm Machinery Management section of my web page

Hybrid Poplar Economics Workbook (with the University of Minnesota Natural Resources Research Institute