Independent Study in Financial Modeling:  Spreadsheet Applications in Finance, Management, and Marketing

ApEc 4501

The focus of this course is on designing and implementing solutions to financial problems with Microsoft Excel® spreadsheet software and its VBA programming language.  Students will develop spreadsheet decision tools in order to gain practical experience in how to implement concepts that are used in the fields of economics, finance, food and agricultural business management, and marketing.  The focus is on applications that are conceptually sound, accurate, and user-friendly.

This is a half-semester, 2-credit course that incorporates a combination of short introductory lectures, case problems, and computer labs.  The course will meet twice per week in the computer lab.  Some of the course material will use features only available in the Windows version of Excel.

There will be exercises designed around various financial topics such as proforma financial statement analysis, efficient portfolio derivation, capital budgeting, and options, and VBA aspects such as user-defined functions, macros, variable types, arrays, and user-created forms.