Animal Waste/Manure Economics

Web-based manure value calculator:

Web-based calculator MANURE-VALUE may be used to compare the economic value of manure from alternative manure application rates and methods. The value is based on crop nutrient needs for a specific field and crop rotation, fertilizer prices, manure hauling costs, manure type, and application method. In addition to assisting with management of current livestock and crop operations, the calculator can be useful in budgeting new facilities or evaluation of contract production through estimating the effect of manure and manure management on cash flow. The calculations can also assist crop and livestock producer estimate the value of manure that may be transferred or sold from one entity to another.

Spreadsheet decision tools:

MANURWKST.XLS (1.05 MB) and MANURWKST_DAIRY.XLS have the same formulas as the web-based calculator listed above.  MANURWKST_DAIRY.XLS is the same MANURWKST.XLS spreadsheet but with dairy manure as the default. These spreadsheets contain columns to compare up to five scenarios, while the web calculator looks at only one scenario at a time.

Click here for a hand worksheet (PDF) with the MANURWKST.XLS calculations with liquid and solid manure examples.

Bulletins and papers:

The “Other Fertilizer”: The Economic Value of Swine Finishing Manure (PDF) by Bob Koehler, William F. Lazarus and Mindy Spiehs. M1234/2008. A University of Minnesota Extension bulletin that discusses methodology for determining manure value, reports results of a three year study of manure values seen on Minnesota swine finishing farms, and discusses the variable dry matter levels reported in liquid swine finishing manure.

Determining Manure Value, a paper on the basics of manure value determination written by Bob Koehler and Bill Lazarus, 4/2007.